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What is the Hudson Center?

The Hudson Center for Health Equity and Quality (Hudson Center) is dedicated to improving the accessibility and quality of health care through administrative, technological, and clinical streamlining.

Our Vision

The Hudson Center advocates for systematic reform toward the goal of universal, high quality, cost effective, and humane health care in the United States.


An independent, not-for-profit organization, the Hudson Center supports the delivery of high quality health care for all people. We create information technology solutions to streamline access to health care programs for people who need them, and we advocate for policies that will improve the lives of all – patients and health care providers – to ensure high-quality, cost-effective, humane health care for all people. As the national health information infrastructure grows, the Hudson Center will continue to contribute by designing and offering tools that streamline administrative and clinical practices and data interoperability.

Who We Are

The Hudson Center for Health Equity and Quality is a not-for-profit health care advocacy and technology company founded in 2004 to streamline administrative processes for government programs and reduce health system costs for all stakeholders, including government payers. In New York State, the Hudson Center has implemented systems that facilitate speedy, online processing of Medicaid applications, benefiting millions of people in public insurance programs, as well as providers, health plans, and agencies that administer public programs.


Other services and products of the Hudson Center similarly reconcile and integrate the complex requirements and administrative disconnects among regulators, program administrators, and the agencies that serve people in need of government health and human service programs.   Our specialty is taking what’s complicated, frustrating and expensive and making it work in a cost-effective, quality-focused way.

Let the Hudson Center help you

If your agency is struggling to comply with state regulations, specifications, and interoperability requirements for public insurance and human service programs, the Hudson Center can help. We’d be happy to meet with you about alternatives, add-ons and interfaces between your current system(s) and other regional and statewide entities and agencies.


For more information, contact Sherri Ehrlich ( or (914) 400-1901.