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Recruiting, training and retaining foster parents has been an ongoing challenge for foster care and adoption agencies.

Foster Beginnings™  is a web-based application for persons wishing to serve as foster parents in New York’s child welfare system. The purpose of the Hudson Center’s web portal and application is to streamline the application process and enable foster care agencies to more easily recruit, assess, track, and recertify foster parents in the system.

Key Agency Features of Foster Beginnings

  • Ease of screening applicants online
  • Allows agencies to customize prescreening questions and customize its workflow
  • Provides electronic storage of applications, eliminating paper and spreadsheets
  • Easily searchable user interface
  • Provides visibility into staff productivity, through system activity
  • Visibility into staff productivity, through system activity
  • Easy reporting of applicant/application status statistics

Key Features for prospective foster parents

  • Application can be initiated, saved, and completed in one or multiple online visits
  • Application is available in English and Spanish
  • Applicants can view application and application status, and update their applications 24 / 7