A Message from the Founder

The Hudson Center for Health Equity and Quality (Hudson Center) was founded to advocate for a high-quality, cost-effective, humane health care system serving all people. The Hudson Center works to create practical, streamlining technology solutions for nonprofit health care organizations. Drawing from more than 25 years’ experience in the Medicaid managed care arena, staff at the Hudson Center offers subject matter expertise, business analysis, and information technology know-how in all aspects of government-sponsored health insurance.



Medicaid expansion has literally saved the lives of many low- and moderate-income Americans. For the most part, individuals who qualify for Medicaid escape the increasingly onerous cost-sharing requirements experienced by those who get their health insurance through their employers or from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) “Exchanges” in their states. However, Medicaid recipients often are challenged by significant administrative barriers to enrollment, and pre-emptive, seemingly random disenrollment actions.

The Hudson Center works with health plans and providers to enhance their communication with government agencies, toward the goal of getting people covered and keeping them in the system for as long as they meet their respective states’ requirements.


The Affordable Care Act (ACA)

The ACA has made health insurance more accessible for many Americans. However, inequities persist, and the ACA still falls short of providing universal, seamless, continuous health care throughout one’s lifetime. Eligibility is categorical and temporary and, for many people, staying insured is as difficult as, or even more difficult than, getting health insurance in the first place.

By simplifying enrollment and member management for insurers, and by enhancing interoperability among programs and systems (including application and data-sharing between state Exchanges and health plans), the Hudson Center is helping to maximize advances made by federal and state health insurance expansions.


Integrated Care Management

Many states, including New York where the Hudson Center was founded, are creating new programs built on a managed care model for chronically and seriously ill people. Private insurers – nonprofit and for-profit – are developing new infrastructures and new models of care, and are including providers and agencies not previously in their networks in order to provide the comprehensive range of medical and social services these populations require.

The Hudson Center offers custom and customizable platforms for care management and referral activities not provided for in traditional electronic medical records.



The Hudson Center houses a project called Intact America, which advocates for the right of all children to be protected from medically unnecessary genital surgery.


Integrating and streamlining toward equitable health care for all

There is so much work to be done. Until the United States is ready for a national health care system, the Hudson Center will work with government, providers, and the people who need health care and other critical social services to streamline administrative processes, facilitate enrollment and retention, foster data exchange among agencies and providers, and improve care for people most in need.